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About JImage Mosaic
JImage Mosaic is a robust Photo Mosaic creation program. Photo Mosaics, which are often seen as posters, magazine covers, etc., are large images made from a collection of smaller images. JImage Mosaic was created as an attempt to provide a FREE, cross-platform, open-source, full-featured Photo Mosaic creation tool to the general public. It has also been designed to make extensibility as simple as possible for plug-in developers. JImage Mosaic was written entirely in Java, utilizing the IIO and JAI imaging APIs.

The author of JImage Mosaic, Jim Drewes, is currently a Senior computer science student at Truman State University, and will be graduating in December of 2002. For more info on Jim, visit his website at www.jimdrewes.com.
© 2002 Jim Drewes