JImage Mosaic
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JImage Mosaic v.0.2 alpha

Changelog -

- Populated algorithm select box. Still isn't functional.

- Disabled "load project" until it becomes functional.

- Added "Render Options" button.

- Added tile repetition selection.

- Allow no tile repetition.

- Allow unconstrained tile repetition.

- Allow tile repetition within a minimum distance.

- Added tile render order selection.

- Linear order rendering of tiles for any algorithm.

- Random order rendering of tiles for any algorithm.

- Added tile color correction.

- Color correction selectable as on/off.

- Color correction percentage specifiable.

- Enable/Disable buttons according to render state.

- Generalized rendering code for plugin support.

- Changed thread wait time.

- Added plugin name capture.

- Removed randomizing from RadiusRenderRandom.

- Randomizing now a part of tileRenderList.


- Fixed drop menu, brings to front.

- Fixed cancel button on libForm.

© 2002 Jim Drewes