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Instructions on installing JImage Mosaic on a Mac. c/o Stu.
I finally sat down this morning and got JImage Mosaic to work on my mac; it was pretty straightforward (due in a large part to a Java update Apple released 2 weeks ago or so I'm sure).

Here's how I got it to work; feel free to update your mac instructions if you want.

1. Check Software update to make sure you have the latest JRE from Apple.

2. Download the linux executable from the JImage Mosaic site.

2. Download the JAI "Linux CLASSPATH install". Expand it and stick everything in the lib directory into /Library/Java/Extensions

3. cd into the JImage Mosaic directory and run ./JImageMosaic

There are a couple issues; I'll see if I can get the source to compile and look at these since they're basically mac specific.

- A lot of the gui is aligned weird or doesn't look quite right. This is almost certainly an Apple JRE thing, because their JRE tries to use Mac widgets instead of the default ugly java ones, which leads to weirdness. There is a way to make it use the java widgets, and I think I have code that does that in my old Blackjack program; I'll look.

- I get a "Could not load mediaLib accelerator wrapper classes. Continuing in pure Java mode." message when first doing something with JAI; I imagine this is b/c I'm using the linux x86 JAI jar files on a PPC platform.

- JIM happily runs both processors right at 100%, which is very cool, but it is painfully slow. JAI problem for sure, as well as general Java slowness. This is probably not real fixable.

- The one big issue is that the picture preview panes (Base Image, Map, etc...) don't display their image contents unless you scroll around; the scrollbars don't appear also, unless you go to where they should be and scroll them. This is with an image that's bigger than the view area. I'll try it with a small image and see if the same thing happens.

Some additional info, c/o Jean-Noel
I've been able to use JImage straight from the linux "executable".
You just need the last Java from Apple, and the Java3D and JAI from
apple too, which are downloadable here:
© 2002 Jim Drewes