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Sample Images Created With JImage Mosaic
The following images were made using various algorithms in JImage Mosaic.
This set of images were all made with the same source image, same library of images, and same tile resolution. The only difference is the creation algorithms used.
Here are the latest renderings with JImage Mosaic. The first image does not use color correction, the second one does.
Cat FaceCat Face Color Corrected
Here is the large version of the first picture.
Here is the large version of the color corrected picture.
This is the source image that all of the other images were made from. The individual tiles are all movie posters and beer labels.
with repetition
This image was made with the first algorithm developed. Its a sequentially rendered image that allows for repetition in any degree. Because of the fact that it allows repetition of tiles, you may notice large patches of identical tiles. This looks bad, unless its specificall the effect desired. Although, it does reproduce the base image well.
With repetition
The algorithm used for this image strictly allows for NO repetition. However, the image is rendered sequentially, and thus you can see a degredation in image quality as it rendered from left to right. Once random sequence rendering is implemented, this will disappear. The image would look a lot better if a larger library of images were used.
Without rep, worst-of-best
This image is almost identical to the regular no-tile-repetition algorithm. The only difference is that in an attempt to reduce the use of all the "best" tiles at the beginning, it selects the 10 best tiles for any particular spot, then uses the worst one of those. It didn't make much of a difference. In fact, it introduced "holes" in the image, as you can see as white tiles in the middle of nowhere.
radius rendering
This is one of the better algorithms developed for JImage Mosaic so far. This is the "Radius Render" algorithm. It allows for tile repetition, but not within a square area of x number of tiles. This image was rendered sequentially, however. This results in a good reproduction, but you can see boxes where the images are repeated.
Random radius rendering
This image uses the exact same algorithm as the Radius Render image. The only difference is that the tiles are rendered in a random order instead of sequentially. This eliminates the "boxes" that appear in the sequentially rendered one, and insures that no one area of the image uses up all of the good tiles first.
© 2002 Jim Drewes